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Improve Your Search Engine Ranking with Search Engine Optimization
Is your website struggling for visibility in key search engines?
Are you nowhere to be seen on the first page?
Does the content and structure of your website require formatting in a way that is easier for the search engines to find?
Are you unable to gain traction with existing search engine optimization efforts?
All of the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have primary search results where websites are shown and ranked based on relevance to the user. These listings are ‘organic’ and do not require payment. If your business doesn’t rank on the top pages, prospective customers will find it difficult to locate you! Costing you leads and sales.
How do I improve my rank in search engine results?
Slow and steady wins the race.  This is especially true for SEO. We can design your website initially using SEO principles to ensure search engine crawlers can see your pages and content and the critical keywords identified during the market analysis are incorporated at all levels. Ongoing SEO which includes analysis of SEO progress, keyword updates as needed and site updates so the search engines will re-index your site.

 Search Engine Optimization

Tailord SEO Solutions

Benefits For Your Business

SEO Process

Analyze Your website

Step 1: We Analyze Your Site & Review Your Ranking Performance To Date
We perform the most detailed SEO audit possible on your site to work out whats been happening with your site to date. We check to see if your site is failing to comply with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines in any area and also review your site looking to see if the website fails to comply with Google Quality Rater Guidelines.

Keyword Research

Keyword research - Keywords or phrases are used by people searching the internet for products and services. We’ll analyze your keyword selection (short, long-tail, buyer intent etc.) and check where you and your key competitors are ranked for these keywords.

Coding Analysis

Coding Analysis
We provide detailed SEO audits for websites to identify weak areas in your site coding that are not in-line with Google’s criteria. We assist you getting the coding strong for organic search so we have a solid foundation to build on ensuring we reach page one ranking on Google for targeted keywords.

Content Analysis

Content Analysis
Our thorough content analysis service will ensure the content on your website is optimised for your selected key phrases ensuring it is unique and relevant. Content is king, and will remain a fundamental part of your SEO campaign being a success hence it is imperative we provide a quality read for the end user.

Link Building

Link Building
Researching the links that will push your site up the rankings in Google requires time and effort to get the best quality. We analyse your competitors links and use our network of quality sites that we have tested over a long period of time with much success in getting our clients websites ranking on page one.

Media Optimization

Media Optimization
Optimising images and video on your site can enhance your search engine ranking and improve the experience your visitors have when on your website. Google display video and images in their search results on page one and is way to gain multiple rankings along with alternative traffic sources.